Jess King is an artist with whom we instantly connect. Her soul-drenched voice, relatable lyrics, and magnetic presence make it so natural.

With an aura that exudes warmth and understanding, vulnerability and strength,  Jess King creates a safe space for all part of ourselves (not just the instagram highlight version). Her words, melodies and energy awaken connection, understanding, beauty and self-love. 

Since February 2022, Jess King has been collaborating with a gifted team in Los Angeles to co-create, produce and release new music. Stay tuned for a beautiful release and memorable live performances  in 2023.  

Her podcast Heartfirst with Jess King is full of high vibe nuggets (10-15 min episodes) to uplift and inspire healing. For healing meditations and other soulful content, subscribe to Jess King’s YouTube channel.

The Story.  Based in Paris since 2011, when a music opportunity led her there from New York, King recorded and released a 5-song EP independently in December 2013.  She simultaneously began exploring other healing art forms.  While her career path from a 3D perspective seems to detour, King attributes her heartfirst lifestyle with fostering deep healing, growth, and creative expansion.

In 2016, Jess King created and launched TNL 58’ in Paris, a personalized workout experience, blending high-intensity exercises, music, and meditation. Praised by the French press (e.g. Glamour Magazine, Féminin Bio) for its ability to inspire a positive mindset, TNL 58’ has impacted thousands of Parisians, as well as the international community (when Covid-19 sparked online classes).

In 2019, King was invited to record a haunting acoustic version of “Holding Out for a Hero” for Universal Pictures French film Les Crevettes Pailletées (May 2019); this beautiful experience nudged King to shift her focus.  She began studying full-time at Cours Florent, Paris’ prestigious acting school in September 2019;  7 months later, while in quarantine, Jess King consciously recommitted to her highest path as a singer-songwriter.

Releases: In July 2020, Jess King wrote and released “Time’s Up”, a call-to-action song inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.  All proceeds of this song go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. 

“Courage to Believe”, “After the Rain”, “Let it Go” and “Tell Me Why” were released as singles within 6 weeks of each other; they were recorded live at the piano during the summer of 2020.